The soft pool coping

SafetyCope goes around the edge of your swimming pool, providing a soft surround to arm against slips, falls, accidents and injuries. SafetyCope directly replaces your existing concrete coping, with a coping made from resin and smart shock absorbent foam.

Making swimming safer

SafetyCope, the soft pool coping, to replace you existing copings and create a safe pool environment.

SafetyCope by day

By day SafetyCope looks like your classic swimming pool coping, and blends with any patio. Made to suit lots of styles of pool surround, including decks, patio and rubber crumb.

SafetyCope by night

By night SafetyCope comes into it’s own, with a fantastic luminescent glow. Simply achieved by exposure to UV rays, even on a cloudy day SafetyCope will glow bright at night.

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SafetyCope for schools

SafetyCope was made to make swimming pools safer for everyone, by protecting people from injury on the sides of swimming pools. This couldn’t be more important than in schools, sports and leisure centres where children may be at unnecessary risk.


SafetyCope is incredibly easy to install. SafetyCope comes with a two-part resin system that makes it very easy to install your new copings. Watch our video for more information.

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Family install pool

Proving how easy SafetyCope is to install a family in New York have recently just fitted it themselves and shared a video of the process. Showing that anyone can do it.

SafetyCope Gallery

Take a look at some of the fantastic pools we have completed around the world.

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April 21, 2022

SafetyCope Sponsored Climb

This was a climb that was sponsored by SafetyCope to raise awareness for charity, called millimetres too miles. Run by Ed Jackson who suffered a life changing injury due to a swimming pool accident.


Egg drop test

Egg test to show the shock absorption of SafetyCope.

Mug drop test

Mug drop test showing impact on copings.

Happy customers

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Swimming Safe

SafetyCope seeks to make swimming safer and reduce the number of accidents related to swimming and swimming pools.

Made to last

SafetyCope is built to last, because of this we guarantee our product for up to 10 years! SafetyCope is built with the highest quality grade of materials and has undergone countless lab tests to ensure its quality and technology meets customer expectation.

Case studies & slip and fall tests

Case studies on SafetyCope and reports from extensive slip and fall testing.

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